Privacy Policy

Last updated October 09, 2023

Data Collection and Storage

We collect only the following data from the user, through our payment vendor Stripe, and only upon completion of a purchase:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Shipping address
  • Billing address (if different from shipping address)
  • Record of purchase, including product name(s) and price(s)

The data is kept in our accounts with our payment vendor Stripe for 1 year, at which point it is deleted. Whether or not Stripe collects and keeps any of your data, and for how long, is out of our control. Please refer to Stripe's Privacy Policy for more detailed information about this.

Access to Personal Data

You can request access to view and have removed any of your personal data stored with us at any time, as far as it is in our control to do so. To view your personal data stored with us, contact

We are only able to provide and modify the data stored by us in our Stripe account. We are not able to provide or modify data collected by Stripe as a result of any transactions.

Cookies and Trackers

This website does not use any cookies or trackers, to the best of our knowledge. If our third-party payment service Stripe use any cookies when responding to API calls from our website in order to initiate a transaction with them, that is out of our control and we refer to Stripe's Privacy Policy to learn more about this